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Proviron for sale

proviron for sale

Combined preparation containing vitamins, minerals, trace elements and extracts of ginkgo biloba and ginseng. The action proviron for sale is due to the properties of its constituent ingredients.


To make up for vitamin and mineral deficiency that develops against the backdrop of:

  • stress,
  • increased physical and mental stress;
  • during the recovery period after illness;

By reducing the concentration and memory on the background of increased physical and mental stress.


Individual hypersensitivity to the drug, proviron for sale age under 18 years, hypertension, irritability, acute cerebrovascular accident, acute myocardial infarction, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer disease, erosive gastritis, sleep disorders, feverish syndrome on the background of acute respiratory diseases, pregnancy, lactation.

Precautions: in severe diseases of the kidneys and liver, acute pancreatitis, in the presence of risk factors for intracranial hemorrhage, diabetes.

Dosage and administration

Adults, unless indicated differently, one tablet a day during or after a meal in the morning. The course oftreatment 1 -2 months. A second course of treatment recommended by the doctor. Proviron for sale

Side effects

Allergic reactions (skin itching, rash), dyspepsia, headache, insomnia, tachycardia, increased blood pressure

Interaction with other drugs

It is not recommended concomitant use with other medicinal products containing vitamins, minerals and herbal ingredients that make up the drug, as well as with drugs, possessing a pronounced tonic effect.

Special instructions

To prevent insomnia should avoid taking the drug in the second half of the day.

You may see the bright yellow color proviron for sale of urine, which is completely harmless and is caused by the presence of riboflavin in the composition of the drug.

Product form

By 30, 60 bottles proviron libido of tablets in high density polyethylene with a polypropylene screw cap, sealed plastic film. The neck of the bottle sealed foil liner. Bottle with instruction on the medical use of the drug is placed in a cardboard box. bodybuilding pancakes


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